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The secret sauce to marketing to your audience in Facebook? Facebook Live.

It’s all the rage right now in social media marketing and there’s a good reason why.

First of all, the reach. OMG, the reach! Even if nobody’s watching and you feel like you’re talking to the world and nobody at the same time, eventually, look at your stats and compare it with your other normal posts and you will see a big difference. Don’t worry about people not joining in and watching. The live video gets saved automatically in your page just like all your other content and it will be there for others to watch. Facebook loves it when you show up yourself instead of scheduling robots to do your work and they reward you for it.

Second, your followers can get a notification that you. are. live. And if they are just browsing, they can easily click and join in on your conversation.

Third, messenger bots. They basically act as a new version of email marketing. Think of them as email autoresponders built to work with Facebook. Instead of capturing emails, you capture contacts within Facebook. Should you ditch your email list? No, no. It’s still best to have those emails handy so you won’t be so reliant on Facebook. The perk with messenger bots is that once it’s all set up,  all you have to do is ask people to comment on your content, they’ll receive a message asking them to reply and once they have replied, their contact information is captured into your messenger bots list.

So how can you use Facebook Live to grow your audience and in Facebook? You can treat Facebook Lives like a TV show with short episodes. Schedule show times with relevant topics your audience can get excited about. Ask them to participate and at the end, ask them to connect and offer them your freebies or services.

If you’re nervous about doing this, you’re not alone. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fears:

  1. Show up as you. There is no need to pretend to be someone else and there is no need to be perfect.
  2. Write up a script or an outline if you have to to make it easier on yourself.
  3. Ask your audience what they want to know to get ideas for new topics

Don’t want to hold your phone all the time and want better looking videos? Here are more tips:

  1. Get a stand for your phone.
  2. The latest iPhones have great video stabilizers.
  3. Make sure you have great, even lighting.
  4. No phone or don’t want to use it? You can use a free software like Open Broadcaster Software to stream live from your computer. It’s quite a bit clunky, and for this, I don’t recommend it. An alternative is Ecamm Live.   It’s not free but it’s only about $30. You pay once and use it forever. They are the same people who made the cool Skype Call Recorder I reviewed here.

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