What if I don't have my Course or Membership content ready?

1. If you already have your content but just need to make them pretty and more presentable, I can help you design your PDFs and edit your videos. Check out my packages as some of them have this included.

2. If you need help writing your content and your scripts, I would love to refer you to my amazing colleagues who can do this for you.

3. If you need help creating your content and just need some guidance, I am currently working on a course that will have step by step items and templates that will help you to create your content. To be updated on the progress of the course, send me an email here.

Will my BluePrint Consult Cost be discounted from my build package?
Is the BluePrint Consult refundable?

No, it is not refundable. As soon as I get your information, I start working right away!

What tools do you use to build with?
  1. For Basic WordPress Websites: Divi
  2. For Non WordPress sites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery
  3. For Membership Sites & Online Courses: WordPress + Divi + MemberPress
  4. For Online Courses not hosted on your own platform: Thinkific or Teachable.
  5. For Marketing Funnels: Divi or ClickFunnels
  6. For Email Marketing: ConvertKit, Mailerlite, MailChimp, Active Campaign and other services compatible with the tools above.
  7. For Other Marketing & Automation: Deadline Funnels, Zapier
  8. For Custom Relationship Management: Dubsado
Will You Work with Other Landing Page Services?

I currently build landing pages with Divi and ClickFunnels. I am open to working with Builderall as well because I am curious and want to work with a new toy.

Will you work with other membership or course plugins?

Maybe, but turn-around time will be slower, and I may add additional fees.

I will NOT work with these plugins or platforms:

OptimizePress/OptimizeMember, WishList Member. Squarespace membership plugins.

These plugins/platforms are either outdated, cumbersome, and/or not as secure as I would like (Squarespace platforms).

For example, Optimize Member requires you to create payment buttons just like when you generate PayPal buttons. You need to save the code or you will have to recreate them. If there is an issue with your code, it will cause issues with your payments whereas MemberPress automates this for you.

I had past issues with Wish List Member where it would not give access to content and no feedback on what to do after people pay and the only suggestion their support could suggest is to give out the default link to enable people to register for free – a link that can be shared to other people to bypass payments.

Both platforms default to a predetermined preladder system: Level 0 (free), Level 1, Level 2, etc. and you move members up and down this ladder. On the other hand, MemberPress leaves your structure up to you and lets you organically build it out as you go.

As for Squrespace, it is great for basic websites but for membership or courses, I have read criticism in regards to keeping your content secure so I cannot recommend it to host content that needs to stay secure.

Do you guaruntee return on investment?

Sorry. No, I cannot. There are too many unpredictable factors that are outside of my control. I do my best to help you succeed but some things are up to you and others we won’t know exactly what will happen until we try it.

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