create landing pages using your website

There seems to be some confusion and I would like to make things clear. Landing Pages or Sales Pages are just website pages created for capturing leads or sales.

I’ve been creating websites for a while now. I still remember really enjoying my web design class back in high school, but it wasn’t until I got into the online business world that I started hearing about Landing pages. Some people have been led to think that they need a Landing Page service such as LeadPages in addition to their websites in order to create their sales funnels. Well, good news, you don’t!

To me, LeadPages is another website hosting service such as SquareSpace or Wix. They host your website on their servers and you use their themes and page builders in order to build your pages. The difference is that their analytics and templates are created specifically for capturing your leads or helping you make sales. Certainly, if you have the budget for their services, and need more robust analytics for your funnels there’s a reason they are very popular.

But if you don’t want to take on another subscription and if you already have a website, guess what? You can create landing pages on your website without purchasing another service. In fact, your website’s front page is already landing page!

One of the services I offer to my clients is creating landing pages right on their WordPress sites. I use Divi to style the pages, and plugins to connect your email autoresponder. Did you know, the Divi theme also lets you do a/b testing? Check it out!

Here are some examples of landing pages I created using Divi. Click HERE and then click on “Landing Pages” to filter it out.

Do you need help setting up a simple landing page and marketing funnel? I am currently building landing page packages to offer alongside my WordPress Website packages. If you need ongoing help, creating landing pages is just one of the services I offer in my retainer packages.

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