what a marketing funnel

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A marketing funnel is a tool to help reach, educate and sell to the people you want to connect and sell your services to. A good marketing funnel is not only designed to sell but to educate and build a relationship with those people you reach.

Think about any experience you’ve had with a sales person. A good sales man or woman won’t try to push their product in your face. If you’ve ever encountered someone who did that, you probably remember how off-putting it was and you probably walked away. If they got a sale out of you, you probably didn’t feel good afterwards.

A good sales person will be a good listener. They will try to get to know you as much as they can in the limited time they have, try to find out what your real wants and needs are and what problems you have THEN they’ll try to show you how their product or service will solve your problems and meet your needs when you need it.

You can see the difference between the two. The bad salesman or woman will try to sell you immediately, but the good salesman or woman will take their time to listen and have a conversation with you.

In a way, this is what good marketing funnels should do. A good marketer will listen by asking questions, doing their research, getting to know the people you want to reach, and then build this marketing funnel to meet their needs when they need it.

Typically and on the tech end of things, marketing funnels are built using at least these few things:

  1. Web Pages. Services such as ClickFunnels or LeadPages are designed to create marketing funnel specific web pages, but you can actually create these pages on your website as well depending on what it is built with (see my other blog You Can Create Landing Pages Using Your Website).
  2. Email Autoresponders. ConvertKit and MailerLite are two popular options. These services help you with collecting and managing your potential customer’s emails as well as sending them useful information that relate to or promote your services.
  3. Your Offerings. Start with your flagship product and build your other offerings – including any free ones – from there.

Do you have a good marketing funnel in place? If you’re already running Facebook or any other Ads, it is important to have one in place. Read What You Need to Know Before You Spend on Facebook Ads for more information.


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