If you use use a popups as that cover up your content or force people to hit the close or submit button before they can see the rest of your website? Well, starting next year, Google will be penalizing websites’ search rankings if they have any intrusive popups on their sites.  You can read more about it here.

Popups required by law such as ones used to inform of cookie use or age restrictions are safe, but otherwise, all other popups that cover up your content or force users to close a popup to get to content will be a no-no with Google by next year.

Acceptable Alternatives

  1. Make your Opt-in form and call to action an unobtrusive part of your content.
  2. Use a Hello Bar type of notification such as the one found in the home page of this website.  One free and really neat WordPress plugin you can use for this is Icegram.

So if you have intrusive popups on your site and your Google search ranking is really important for your business, or if it’s something you are working your best to climb up in rank, you will need to start planning on making your changes in this part of your marketing funnels as soon as you can.

Popups are not the only change Google is making next year. Do you have an SSL certificate installed on your site? If you haven’t already read my previous post, go here to see if you will be affected and what you can do if you are.

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