how to add featured images to your wordpress pages and posts

It’s very easy to add featured images to your WordPress blog posts and pages.  If you don’t already use them, it’s usually best practice to do so.  Featured images not only adds visual appeal to your posts and pages, they also affect your your post is shared on social media sites.  Optimizing your image files can also have a positive impact on how search engines find and catalogue your website and your content.

The featured image for your blog typically appears at the top of each blog post or page as you can see here:

They also appear when you feature recent, popular, and any other posts you want your visitors to find on a page.  Usually, this is done in the main pages of your blog posts or the main page of your site.  The featured image used for this blog post is a screenshot of my blog page.  As you can see, the featured image for each post is displayed quite nicely.

Here is also a screenshot of a post carousel on my front page:post-carousel-example-using-featured-images



To learn how to add featured images to your WordPress site, check out my video tutorial below!


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