*I am an affiliate with Elegant themes, the company who makes DIVI so this post will include my affiliate link. Feel free to ignore, but any support is much, much, much appreciated!

I was seriously looking into other WordPress Theme/Page Builder options because I wanted to make it easier for my clients to use their website when I found out DIVI was coming out with their own WSYWIG (What you see is what you get) page editor!

I was looking into Beaver Builder since they had nice WSYWIG editor at the time all ready to go, but it turns out they didn’t have an undo button among other things.  So I decided to wait it out and see if DIVI was worth the wait.

Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was!

It was so refreshing not to have to keep looking at the Preview version to see new edits to the page.

What’s the difference?

Here is a screenshot of the regular DIVI Builder:


As you can see, you are presented with a bunch of boxes that represent areas and items on your page. Much better than coding by hand, but you still kindof have to image what you are building and keep pressing Preview every time you wan to actually see the changes.

Now above the Divi Builder, there is a new button. Use Visual Builder.  This is how you can get to the new Visual Builder.


Another way is by going to your page and clicking the new button at the top. Enable Visual Builder


Once you click, you are still presented with your page, but now there are stuff that appear when you hover over things:


The very bottom circle is a menu, and the rectangular menus that appear on certain items are the options for the item they relate to and the circles with the plus symbols lets you add the different elements.

Will you still need the regular builder? I still use it at times. Sometimes.  It’s always good to have an option to see the structure or layout you’ve created.

How do you get the new Divi Visual Builder? If you’re one of my current or past clients and have Divi already installed on your site, all you have to do is update your theme and plugin (don’t forget to backup your site first!), or I could do it for you if I haven’t already done so.  For new clients, Divi is included in my services!

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