Marine Corps Spouse Veteran Virtual Assisting Training Scholarship

I want to give back! I was given this great opportunity to become a VA and took it! As a result, my life changed. I now have my own business, earning money to contribute to my family’s finances, but I can still stay at home to take care of my kids and work whenever I can. I was only able to do this because of another wonderful Marine Corps spouse who trained and introduced me to the world of VA’s.

Now I would like to give the opportunity to another Marine Corps spouse or a Marine Corps veteran by sponsoring their first 6 months of membership in the Virtual Assistant Internship program.

Please only apply if you have the time and are serious about committing to the program and are not already an established VA. I will regularly track your progress and if you haven’t shown progress, I will transfer your scholarship to someone else who can commit. If you can’t dedicate time and effort in this program yet, then please apply again at a later time when you can commit and when this scholarship is once again available. Please don’t apply if you haven’t gone through the free introductory training in the program. You need to have an idea of what you are getting into first before committing.

To apply, follow this link. Please read all questions and instructions carefully. Applications will close depending on the number of applications and interest I receive.

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