I am a Software Developer and entrepreneur. My exposure to software development started with my parents who encouraged us to pursue learning about technologies. I watched them solder motherboards and create programs I could run through the command line or load using floppy disks.

When I was young, my parents didn’t have the same opportunities in the Philippines that I do now. Also, as a former Marine Corps spouse who did not have a lot of opportunities to grow a career, I see a lot of potential in tech to lift people up.

Being able to work with computers, having the discipline for doing my own research, self-learning, and troubleshooting enabled me to start a business and having meaningful work I can bring with me through relocations.

My goals include giving back to the tech community as a whole, contributing to diversifying the tech culture and also improving the quality of life for people around me. One of the ways I have started working towards this goal is by volunteering as a Free Code Camp local leader.

Let me be a part of helping you build amazing relationships through your business.

Amber has been a great asset to me and my business Potters’ Depot LLC.

Bonnie Schlesselman

Owner, Potters' Depot, LLC

Amber is very professional, ethical and detail-oriented. […] She produces quality work and makes valuable suggestions that enhance the projects given.

Emem Washington

Attorney-at-law; Christian Singer/Songwriter

Start making those valuable connections.

Amber is a delight to work with and has become an integral part of my business.[…] Most of all, she helps me run my business smoothly so I can focus on helping my clients.

Julia McPherson

Owner, InnerSpace Marketing

Amber is friendly and easy to work with. She is very organized and delivers what she promises.

Levi Shephard

Founder, National Association of Lash Artists

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